Brittney Riley

What I’m focused on

My entire career, I’ve focused on either growing startups or supporting others on that journey. I’ve worked with hundreds of companies at the early stage and have been continuously obsessed with how to build a successful company. I love that moment of clarity on the value proposition, the challenges of hiring great talent early on, and obsessing over a product that people love.

For the last few years, I’ve approached this obsession from the investment side because capital aligns incentives, is an invaluable tool for a company and allows me to have a broader impact in a space in dire need of fresh perspectives. I believe as we innovate our approach, we will create more winning companies, and make sure they are healthy, inclusive, and profitable.

What I’m working on

Female Founder School (Co-Founder)
Peer-groups for women who have an idea, but want support and feedback in starting their company.
Pivotal Ventures
A venture fund under Melinda Gates, where I’m helping develop their direct investment strategy.
Hayward Collegiate (Founding Board)
Elementary school focused on helping kids become CEOs of their own life.

What I’m talking about

How Should Investors Evaluate Founding Teams?
Podcast with Sultan Ventures
Conversation on the Startup Gender Gap
@RileyBrittney on Twitter

What I’m making

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Where I’m going


What I used to do

VP US Ventures, Village Capital
Growth, Snapguide
Community, Zipongo

If you’re up to anything interesting or want to meet up – brittneybree.riley at gmail or @rileybrittney on twitter.