Around Ahmedabad

Sadly, I don’t often take photos around Ahmedabad. Usually it’s too hot to go walking around in the daylight, but also, I think it takes discipline to continue seeing the place you live as novel enough to photograph. IN order to get some shots in of Ahmedabad, I woke up around 5:45 and headed to the local flower market. This is where wholesale flowers are purchased by all the local shops. Inside, there were piles upon piles of flowers, and outside, people were stringing them together and selling them. I bought a beautiful lotus chain for less than a dollar (it’s the one the woman is holding up). Also shown in the photos are from a time I went to get my keys made, and loved how the guy was making them when a couple tools on the side of the road.

India “fact” of the day

MANGOS. Pretty much the only pleasant thing about summer in Ahmedabad. Turns out these little guys love 115 degree weather. since the season began in May, I’ve seen about 6 different species of mangoes sold in the small grocery store by my appartment, and about a hundred different ways of preparing it. They drink mango puree, eat it on ice cream, add it to yogurt, mash it in rice, cook it in curries, the list goes on. I could literally eat one of these every day (okay I pretty much do). As a bonus, they taste about 1000 times better than magoes in the US and obviously cost a fraction of the price. I know this isn’t a very exciting or mind blowing fact, but I’m sitting here eating a mango and it’s all I can think about.


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