Faces of Udaipur

As per usual, most of my favorite shots from Udaipur were of  the people. I don’t think these take much explanation, but I hope you enjoy. Included are beautiful Rajasthani dancers, a guard in the palace, interesting people from the street, playful children, and travel friends! One common thread is that pretty much everyone I saw was happy and friendly, despite the crippling heat.

Todays Indian “Fact” with a Mix of personal preferences: Taking pictures and videos of people. Yea, pretty much happens to me constantly. Especially in Ahmedabad, or around Gujarat, because there aren’t a whole lot of foreign tourists around. People ask to take pictures of you with their children, their wife, or the worst/best: to take a selfie with them. I must admit, I almost always say no these days, but that’s because one yes usually results in another 10 inquiries.  In regards to me taking photos of other strangers, at first I was nervous. I didn’t want to upset any one or overstep my boundaries. I took it slow and after four months, I’ve found though that almost all Indian people I’ve come across love having their picture taken. Some even give me their email details so I can send them their picture. A simple smile and nod to the camera usually does the trick, and people get what you’re asking. If they say no (I think that’s happened once – but that may be because of Indians propensity to say “yes”) then I obviously walk away. Also, as a personal rule, I would never take a picture of someone who is in a totally dilapidated state. I try to show real pictures, of real people, but ones that they can be proud of… I’m not here to disrespect people who are already down on their luck, simply so I can shock a few back home.

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