Weekend in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a small city in Rajasthan and is often called the blue city (first picture above lets you in on why). The whole city circles around a massive fort that was made in the 1400s. It can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the city, which serves as a constant reminder of the towns history. You almost feel as if you’re in a different time as you walk along the streets (until a moto almost runs into you). I also felt as if people were incredibly warm and welcoming – always cheesin for a photo.

Photos include delicious lassis (a yogurt drink – this one is flavored with cardamon, saffron, and vanilla), a scary BJP (the conservative party) mascot,  a close call with a camel, and many unruly mustaches. The weekend trip was mostly spent wandering the streets, visiting the fort, and hanging out with two friends that I met up with there. The pictures tell a better story than I do anyways. Enjoy!

Indian “fact” – Jodhpur addition: The fort and whole town of Jodhpur was used in a few scenes of the Dark Knight Rises (you get the best shot when he climbs the well and escapes prison). Indian men and kids LOVE Batman and many have proudly told me this fun fact. Semi-related: I have seen more men wearing flashy and rhinestoned batman shirts than I ever thought possible. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet snapped a pic of these gems, so for now all you get is a standard fort pic that was taken from the hotel rooftop.

photo (5) copy


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