Last Minute Adventures

The day before I left for India, Naveen and I went out to Point Bonita Lighthouse so I could soak in some last minute Bay beauty.  I can’t believe I’d never actually been to this place. It’s in Marin and only open for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s only like a mile walk to the lighthouse and back, so just enough “exercise” so you don’t feel guilty for eating a giant sandwich at the end. The shots above are a mixture and mine and Naveen’s (taken from his go-pro, hence the fisheye). Click the arrows to see all of them.

In other news, I’m writing this post from my new bedroom in Ahmedabad, India. For those who are wondering, I’m safe, comfortable, and full off of a massive lunch for 50 cents. More posts to come on India, but first impressions are that it’s already surpassed my expectations. People are ridiculously friendly, my accommodations are nice, and did I mention the food?

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