Sarkhej Roza

On the same Sunday as the heritage walk, I went to Sarkhej Rosa, which is a mosque just south of the city. The place itself was beautiful, and you could walk all around the compound and get some great views of the buildings. Myself and two friends were the only tourists within sight, which can get a little tiring. People stare, follow you around, take pictures/videos of you, etc. Almost all of it is 100% friendly and in good nature, but it definitely makes you feel a bit like a zoo animal. I guess that’s what I get for all the pictures I’ve taken of random people.

Wasn’t too happy with shots I got, so I’ll keep this post short and instead give you a fascinating “fact” about Indian culture: Despite being colonized by the British, I have yet to see a knife at a meal. Rarely do I even see a fork to be honest. You’ll be given a spoon, but most things here are best ate using the best tools around – your fingers.


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