Shapes at Sunset + Work Update

Lucky for me, I’m currently living and working on the campus of the best business school in India. It’s peaceful, extremely clean, and spacious – Definitely not what I imagined living in India. I’ll be moving off campus in a few weeks, but for now I’ll enjoy the quiet walks around the gardens and brick buildings.

Here are a few pictures from one of my walks. The “Old Campus” was designed by famous American architect, Louis Kahn, and is considered an icon of modern architecture in India. I love how geometric the buildings and widows are and had fun playing around with the shapes. Threw in a flower picture for Grandma.

Since this post includes pictures of campus, I’ll take a minute to talk about work – which is going well, albeit VERY busy. We are launching an accelerator program in May and I have one month to find 300 companies, among other things. I’m looking for mainly health, energy, and distribution companies that deliver to underserved populations. After the recruitment process, I will help choose the best 15 companies for the accelerator program, and then help run the 3 month program (consisting of 3 five-day workshops). I’m loving learning about different sectors and innovative companies, all while trying to wrap my head around the industry in India.

If you’re wondering what an accelerator is, it’s basically (in this case at least) a  program that helps companies improve and scale their business. At the end, at least two companies receive investment funding. I covered some of this in another post, but thought I would explain a little more. Exciting news about work is that I’ll get to travel a bit, and one of our 5 day workshops is going to be in Goa, which is a popular beach destination in the south of India.

Lastly, I’ve decided to add a new section to each post called “Facts” about India,  which are definitely not backed up by anything but personal experience and mostly grand generalizations. First fact of the blog is a very serious one: Indians LOVE ketchup and it pretty much comes with any non traditional meal. For example, if you order any sort of sandwich, it will come with multiple packets of ketchup.

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