Udaipur Scenes – From Day to Night

After the workshop, and way too many days of working in row, a weekend in Udaipur was much needed. It’s definitely a touristy town, but for good reason. Often called “the venice of Italy, it’s about 3 hours away from Ahmedabad (6 if you’re me and have a very strange bus experience) but seems like you’re a world away. The city is built around a lake and there are many palaces, fancy hotels, and temples. The most famous hotel, The Lake Palace, sits right out in the middle of the lake (you can see it in a few of my pictures). The city is featured in a ton of Hollywood movies, including the James Bond move Octopussy – which plays every single night at nearly every hotel in town.  It goes without saying that this city is photogenic.

Some highlights from the shots above: locals swimming in the lake,  giant bats flying around at dusk, shots from the City Palace, where the royal family of the Mewar Kingdom resided until 1959, friends eating at a scenic restaurant, etc.

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