Framing Jodhpur

While in Jodhpur, I loved seeing all the ways people and objects were framed. From the storefronts and doorways on the streets to the classic windows at the fort, I couldn’t help snapping an unusual amount of naturally framed situations. Most of them were a little boring, so I saved you from them, but here are a few of my favorites. Included are my lovely friends, a picturesque place to play cricket, and the grumpiest tourist “welcome” staff ever.

India “Fact”: Long buses and Trains. In India, it is completely normal to take a 10, 15, even 30 hour train. To get to Jodhpur, after much convincing about how “totally normal” and “easy” it was, I took a bus overnight by myself. Since it was a quick trip, I left on Friday night and then came back on Sunday night and went straight into work on Monday (after a good shower). It was about 10 hours and not the most comfortable ride of my life (bumpy roads and constant honking) but definitely got the job done. I’m still not sold on anything longer than an overnight trip, but I stand corrected that it’s not too awful.





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